What A Property Management Team Do

Your properties are assets that needs serious management. If you are an owner who doesn’t have an idea on how to do such, having a property manager by your side would be a big help.

Although their responsibilities are vague for some, they are pretty handy when you have some properties that should be managed constantly. Read on the job and responsibilities of a property management team:

  • Responsible for the upkeep of the property

One of the main jobs of a property management team is to ensure that the properties under their wing is maintained from top to bottom. As part of the maintenance and upkeep, they do close inspection of properties and see there are repairs needed to make sure that the owner is quite satisfied with how it looks upon turning over the property to them. And if the property is up for sale or for rent, they ensure that the repairs are done before the new tenant moves in. These companies are well-connected to renovation specialists who do the revamp work.


  • Responsible for scouting tenants

Some property owners turn over their properties to a management to secure tenants. Property specialists are not only good with taking care of the property but also makes sure it earns some while it is under their wing. These specialists are known for looking and scouting tenants, whether for residential or for Business Bay apartments for sale. These property experts will do the listing and scouting for their clients. Since they are well-connected, they can probably help on speeding up the sale or lease. They are also responsible for screening potential clients or tenants, monitoring on-going contracts and make sure to close the deal in behalf of their clients and dealing with evictions.


  • Takes good care of the tenants

The job of a property management team does not stop when the deal is closed. In fact, it goes beyond that, especially when a tenant moves in. Once the new owner moves in, the property management team will be their point of contact when they need anything concerning their properties. This would involve relaying message to the owner, receiving feedback and complaints about the property, and provide a team that would take good care of emergency repairs.


  • Collect the rent from the tenants

The property management team represents the client on his behalf- from scouting of tenants, dealings with tenants, up to collection of rent and fees. Yes, these professionals would be the ones to go to the tenants to collect and monitor their rent and payments. This is an additional service they provide so the owners will not be bothered to go down onsite and collect rent themselves.


  • Compile and safekeeping of records

Property records like titles, deeds of sales, contract and lease agreements, are sensitive and confidential documents that should be kept in a safe place. And the best way to keep these papers secure is to have the property management team safekeep them on their office.

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