There are many types of perceptions of renting home. Some people like to rent home or some doesn’t like to rent it. There are many reasons behind it. Mostly people say that have to move from one city to another city because its nature of their work so renting a home like La Rosa Dubai is the best choice for them. They just make short term agreement with landlords, this type of agreement makes easy for them to move from one place to another place. But some people say that it is not good option, because you just get restricted in one place. You have to ask for permission to landlord if you want to modify or decorate the rented house. In this article we will let you know that why renting home is not good choice for you.

Your money does not grow:

When you rent a house that means you are just paying all the time. You can’t get any return from the property because it is not your property. Even you have pay on this property in shape of rent. So the actual beneficiary is the owner of the property. But on other hand buying home could be a valuable choice. You can save your money by investing it on buying own property.

You have to face maintenance issues:

When you rent a home you have to face many maintenance issues such as breaking down or leaking roof, wall painting issues etc. infect house is responsible for these issues but if he doesn’t care , then you have to take steps to fix all these problems. This thing could be annoying sometime.

Problems in renewal of rent agreement:

For renting home or getting properties for sale in JBR, you need to make written agreement with landlord for specific period. This agreement could be for year or for more than year. But there is no guarantee that this rental agreement will be renewed. Landlord can change his mind and then you have to leave the place instantly. Finding new house for rent is such a difficult task. You have to adjust somewhere quickly.

You have to face restriction:

One thing that hurt you always is modifying house according to your requirements. In renting home you have to face these kinds of restriction all the time. You cannot renovate the property, plus some landlord imposes many other kinds of restrictions that cannot bear.

Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020