Reasons of Sending Your Child to International Schools

English learning and understanding has lots of advantages. You can find many future opportunities for your children who can understand and speak English fluently. There is a dilemma of our society that a person who only has any degree or a certificate in English language can find many work opportunities as compared to any other business or science degree holder who is not very fluent in spoken English. Almost anywhere in the world English speaker is able to easily penetrate in the organization and is considered highly-qualified.

At British International School in Dubai, you can find the best English speaking teachers who not only understand the top educational methodologies and teaching techniques but also groom your child at fast pace for future scenarios and competitions.

There are two options for people who are living in Dubai and want best quality education for their children. First is to choose any private language school and second is teach your child in British international schools.

Private English Language School:

Many private English language schools claim that they follow up-to-the-mark standards to compete with any future scenarios and at any competition level. Usually, teaching positions in private English language schools are very easy to find and secured by any English language speaker who has minimum work and fluency experience and who is not even very capable for in-depth teaching expertise. Parents prefer tuition centers as well to fill the gap in between school education and ultimate standards equality to specific class grade. Tuition centers are also a rapidly growing business in Asian and Eastern European countries.

Teachers who are working at a private English medium school come from basic certifications to a graduation degree from very basic teaching background therefore they don’t understand the real learning culture and standards of higher educations. The basic teaching standards are not suitable for children who dream to become a doctor or an engineer unless additional help and support from outside the school is provided. Though these schools are less costly and affordable for many low socio-economic background parents but the additional fees they will bear from tuition centers make it nearly equal to any British international school fee structure without equal learning opportunity.

British International Schools

British international schools provide primary, elementary, middle and high schools provisions for students who have good intellectuals and learning abilities. Parents and families who live in Dubai can easily approach and British international school for their child registration and education. British international schools offer a British curriculum and complete English-medium environment which facilitate your child to be fluent and develop a detailed speaking power. In Dubai, various cultures and nationalities live due to better job and business opportunities and advance growth rate. These families have other native languages too and most of them are using English as a second or third language. But with the help of school’s curriculum and teachers support these students also easily cope up with English language standards.

Teachers in British international school are highly qualified and particular about their subject depth and teaching expertise. Their work experience is highly competent because British schools often create supporting educational training programs to keep their teachers up-to-date and make diversified teaching expertise implemented in their premises. Teachers are better paid and offered more benefits than any other private language school to ensure loyal and integrated staff. British schools prefer in-school studies and tuition programs for needy students who want additional support from teachers and discourage outside tuitions and private at home teacher to eliminate confusion based knowledge development in students. Private Schools in Dubai which follow British standards are a bit expensive but facilitate your child future growth with additional efforts and support.


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