Essential Equipment to Provide Bridge workers

In spite of key advances in roadway and bridge construction safety, the work is still accompanied by a wide array of risks. Even though manufacturers and researchers are constantly developing equipment and protective gear, designed to keep workers safe, the number of fatal bridge construction accidents is ever on the rise due to the negligence of adhering to safety precautions. Here are a few equipments that should be given to every worker involved in bridge construction:

Foot Protection

Deaths and workplace accidents related to falls, trips, and slips have risen significantly in the past year. One way of rectifying this trend is to provide workers with the right protective footwear for the job. It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that their employees are wearing safety shoes in Dubai when they are:

  • In need of protection from a dangerous electric hazard, such as an electric shock or a static discharge.
  • Doing work where they are exposed to sharp objects that could pierce through their shoes.
  • Working in areas where they are susceptible to foot injuries, due to rolling or falling objects.

Head Protection

Employers should ensure that all workers are wearing hardhats on the bridge construction sites when:

  • They could potentially come in contact with dangerous electric hazards
  • They could smack their head on fixed objects
  • Objects could fall on them

Most safety helmet suppliers these days fabricate hardhats from advanced engineering resins or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Some hats incorporate a rolled edge that channels rainwater to the front by acting as a rain gutter, preventing the water from trickling down the worker’s neck by allowing it to drain off the bill instead.

Fire Blanketing

A lot of injuries sustained by employees on bridge construction sites happen when the piping, cables, and utility lines that cross them are severely damaged or exposed by the construction equipment. This is why; employees should always have fire control tools handy, such as fire blanketing. This tool is a sheet of fire retardant material that can smother fire when thrown over the area. It’s one of the best ways of controlling a utility-related or electrical fire.

Safe Vehicles

A lot of deaths happen in the vicinity of road and bridge construction zones, because workers are susceptible to getting hit by a vehicle or any piece of construction equipment. This is why; all employers should ensure that vehicles used on-site incorporate the following safety features:

  • Defrosting or defogging devices or windshield wipers
  • Working break lights and headlights
  • Back-up alarms
  • Audible horns
  • Proper mirrors
  • Safety glass with zero distortions


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