For car owners who are not familiar with in-depth car and tire maintenance, the inspection they do to their tires is through a simple eye and feel check. It means that if there are no visible holes or wear and tear, the tires are still usable and good for them.


But we must keep in mind that the tires are very important to our road safety and fuel economy So as responsible vehicle owner, we must take time to thoroughly inspect the condition of our car tires, . whether you get Continental tyres in Dubai or in other suppliers. Here are some of the basic checklist that car owners can follow:


Tire Pressure


Having the right amount of air on your tires spells the difference between the success and failure of your car and tire performance. Underinflated tires are a worrisome situation as it can lead to accidents and slow down your car’s overall performance. So once in a while check your tire pressure. It would be pretty hard to check it at first glance. Be sure to bring it to the nearest car repair shop for checking. Watch out also for too much air. Too much air pressure can cause tires to blowout or have cracks that can lead to wear and tear.


Tire Alignment


Tire alignment refers to the system that connects the vehicle to the wheel. This can be achieved through setting and adjusting the angles of the tires. If you feel an uncertain vibration or “pulling” in your car, better have the alignment checked. Unchecked misalignment can cause rapid tread wear on your tires. An untrained eye may not be able to spot the misalignment. Better have your car checked by a trusted and excellent car repair shop just to be sure.


Tire Rotation


Tire rotation, on the other hand, is the process of moving the wheels and tires of the vehicle to ensure even tire wear of the vehicle. Uneven tire wear can lead to early deterioration of the tire. By simply rotating the tires, car owners can fix and correct irregular tire wear. But before you proceed with rotation, revisit your manual on how to do it and what will be the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Tire Tread


The tread is the rubber part of the vehicle that is in contact with the road. This part of the tires is usually that part that is prone to wear and tear. Once you see that your car tire tread is worn out, it must be replaced immediately. Worn out tread can cause vehicle skidding. You should also check for holes and cracks and have it checked ASAP.


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Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019