A Closer Look At Golf

So what makes golf Dubai so interesting is that some forms of it will not cost you as much time. In fact, you will see players spending just over two hours on the course and finishing a round of golf. However, the overall time depends on several factors and can go upwards of three hours in some cases. Golfing is fun and at the same time very rewarding, so if you by chance want to become a professional golfer at some stage in life, know that there is big money in it. Keeping that in mind, you need to gain some knowledge on the game, the rules, how it is played and what rewards may follow.

Much like any other modern sport, golf is an interesting game that is backed by a number of attractive rewards. Even some local golf tournaments are going to make you earn some decent rewards which is often not the case with some other sports. Having said that, there is little doubt that golf even without any rewards is a very addictive game. You may not realize how much of your time this game will consume, though the game itself will not more than three hours or a little more in some cases. The game is played with a stick, known as club, and a ball. The entire field where the game is played is known as course. It is a huge place comprising of different landscapes though the course has green carpeting of grass all over. Here is more on this:

The Course

You will find some trees and vegetation form place to place which makes one feel refreshing. The player has to put the ball in holes that are tagged with different points. Each hole with bag more points to the player raising his overall game score as a result. It is very interesting to see some player sending the ball into the hole from great distances. In fact, you will be amazed to see the excitement when that happens on the golf course. Apart from long range shots, players are also required to keep hitting the ball on their turn until it reaches the pot. The game is extremely entertaining and remarkable which is why it makes sense to try your bit in this game. Who knows, at some point in time you may be recognized as a golfing legend.

In the meantime, you better keep an eye if there is a Dubai golf tournament happening nearby.


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