Types of Footwear Your Toddler Needs

When we say footwear, the first thing that comes to mind is shoes. But shoes is just one of type of footwear that you should own. Everybody needs to have different types of footwear in their closet, even your kids and toddlers.

If you are shopping for some additional footwear for your little ones, be sure to include this in your shopping list:

  • Formal shoes

At some point, you and your little ones will attend some formal affairs. So it is a must that your little bub should own at least two to three pairs of formal footwear to match his wardrobe. But formal doesn’t mean it should be uncomfortable just like some formal footwear that adults own. Comfort should be taken into account when selecting formal shoes for your little ones and followed by style based on his outfits. Having two to three pairs should suffice so you can interchange or use them alternately when needed.


  • Casual shoes and footwear

Some parents are quite into buying casual shoes than formal shoes for their little ones. Why? Basically because it is easy to pick one and you can choose from an array of design that stores offering baby shoes in Dubai provide. These shoes are basically the most used footwear in your little one’s closet as these footwear can be worn everywhere except for formal occasions.


When buying casual shoes and footwear, be sure they are durable enough to withstand all the walking, running, jumping, skidding, etc. that your toddler will do. But also, do not forget the comfort level. These shoes needs to be as comfy as possible to enable your children to move with less pain on their feet.


  • Slippers and slip-ons

Probably not as useful outside but still a necessity. Having a comfortable pair of slippers can be handy, especially when your kids are at home or going to the beach. It can also be paired with casual outfits. Just make sure that they matched and appropriate.


  • Socks

If you have shoes, it is imperative to have socks. For newborn babies, it is important that they have a couple of socks on their drawers to protect them from cold as they are still adjust to the temperature outside the womb. For toddler, it should be used to protect the feet from the shoes.


When buying socks, be sure that they are not too thick that it will hurt your kid’s feet but not too thin that their feet and soles will not get protected.  Click here for more information in this regard.


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