Dubai is one of the biggest mega cities in the world and people from far and wide travel large distances to shop in Dubai. The biggest draw that Dubai has for these shoppers is that Dubai has got everything in a small area. There are malls for those who want to buy sports equipment and there are car showrooms for those who want to buy cars. It has been rightly said that from the humble sewing needle to the most expensive diamond jewellery, you can literally buy anything in Dubai. However there are now two ways of buying things in Dubai. While in the past people had to actually leave their homes and go to the shops and malls in order to purchase their goods, the digital revolution has affected the Dubai shopping scene as well, and it has more or less turned it on its head, for now more and more people are buying from the comfort of their homes. Here we examine if the online shopping trend is suited to your needs.

Quick and Easy vs handling experience

If you are looking for quick and easy shopping, then you will be pleasantly surprised at the neatness of the online shopping experience, as you just click through the items, you choose the item that you like, then you click on the checkout and at the checkout page you are asked to give your credit card details and your dress where you want the item delivered. With that done, your items are just a click away. This neatness will no doubt be what some people are looking for. However there are many people who want to actually experience the show extravaganza of visiting the malls, the browsing of goods and items and then the actual purchase. So those people may not like the online shopping trend. For example, plus size dubai will give you the best plus size clothing, but you do not get to actually feel the cloth and you cannot make a fun day out of shopping, therefore online shopping is best suited for those who want to be quick about their shopping.

Cash vs plastic

Another thing is that people who like to shop online tend to prefer credit cards over cash, so if you are buying plus size clothing in dubai from an shop you will have to pay via credit card, but if you want to use cash, you will have to go to the actual store and then make your purchase from their storefront. So if you prefer to buy your items using cash, then the online shopping may not be a thing for you.

Monday, Mar 30, 2020