Why Extra Curricular School Activities Are Important For Your Child’s Progress

Extra-curricular activities and organization have been a part of the program offered by the best primary schools in Dubai. These activities can range from academic events that can help improve a student’s performance in school or non-academic activities that touch on kids’ interest.

Although some parents are quite hesitant to have their kids join these orgs, there are a lot of benefits that it can provide to their children that can help with their overall development:

  • Improve self-esteem


One of the main benefits of joining extra-curricular activities is that it can immensely help with building the morale of the kids. Sure, this is also done in an academic setting, but the confidence being nurture in after-school orgs is different. If they join in clubs that interest them, then you are giving your kid a venue to shine and be part of something important to him.


  • Have time to nurture his passion

Academic teaching is quite structured and sometimes it leaves little room to tackle the passion of the students. In fact, there might be no subject that offer or facilitate such learning. Joining after school clubs can give him much needed time to pursue his passions and interests. He will have the venue to showcase his talents besides the four wall of classrooms. American schools in Sharjah give clubs resources and funds to accommodate more clubs and give them all the resources they need to operate in school grounds.


  • Learn more about responsibilities

Joining an extra-curricular activities is a balancing act, as students need to strike a good balance between their clubs and academic activities. They need to balance their time and be sure that they don’t get behind their academic performance and school work. It sounds a little overwhelming for students, but they need to learn how to handle things like this at this stage.


Learning to juggle between two activities and priorities would give them a sense and a taste of real life. But since they are still young, parents have to guide their kids and tell them their limits when it comes to accepting extra-curricular activities.


  • Take mind off school for a while

Like work, school pressure can be overwhelming for some students. Having that time to take mind of their academic work can refresh their minds and have a breather once in a while. Once they are recharged again, they can tackle on school work again with clarity.


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