Tips for Selecting the Best Nursery for Your Child

If you want to select the best nursery in JLT for your tot, here are a few considerations you should keep in mind when touring all viable nurseries in your vicinity:


  • Space to move around the classroom: while large rooms are not a necessity, rooms should at least seem adequate enough to comfortably accommodate all the kids there.
  • Child-sized furniture in classrooms: Unless kids are comfortable in their surroundings, they cannot be expected to pay attention. So while their little brains are growing, make sure that they are provided with all the child-sized amenities.
  • Student work around the classroom: Make sure that the classrooms are adorned with pictures, building creations, writings, and artworks by students, so that the space feels like it belongs to them.
  • Print-Rich Classrooms: If you want to see if the nursery has a print-rich environment, look for lots of books and words labeling myriad parts of the classroom. In addition, keep an eye out for kid-made books and notice any teachers writing down children’s stories. Go to websites of various nurseries to glean a sense of their classroom environment.


  • Communication between the parents and nursery: Ask the nursery director about their communication habits, as well as a copy of school handbook. A handbook fills you in on what you can expect from the nursery. Emails, calendars, and monthly newsletters may be some of the ways in which the nursery communicates with parents.
  • Confidential communication pertaining to your child: It’s good to ask the nursery about how individual teachers accost parents with regards to their child. It could be through communication apps, weekly emails, or daily notes. Your child’s classroom should always be connected to your home so that you can stay abreast of their development and learning.

Class Schedule

  • Time to play outside: Kids love to play, and time should be allocated for their bike riding, climbing, running, and playing inside and outdoors every day.
  • Lots of time “just playing”: there’s no better way for kids to learn then through play activities. So make sure that the nursery’s schedule has a built in slot for children to play and have fun! Referred to as “choice time” or “center time”, children aspire to explore a plethora of concepts in small groups in this part of the day, be it exploring the names of animals, narrating a story about wild animals, or building in the block center.
  • Varied group sizes: Instead of letting kids engage in activities individually, nurseries should have a “calendar time” or a “circle time”, so that children spend some time together as a class. Children can play in groups or teachers can use this time to read out stories to students.


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