Choosing the best hair straightening method

The world market for hair straightening products currently surpasses 48 billion dollars according to statistical research. The catalogue of hair straightening treatment products comprise merchandise that support hair growth and restoration, wigs and activities geared toward hair care. The routine of most women keen on making their hair look appealing is visiting expert hair dressers.Read More

Is shopping online better in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the biggest mega cities in the world and people from far and wide travel large distances to shop in Dubai. The biggest draw that Dubai has for these shoppers is that Dubai has got everything in a small area. There are malls for those who want to buy sports equipment andRead More

Which kind of wax is better for you?

In the world of waxing, there are two kinds of wax that are prevalent: cold wax and hot wax. Both of these kinds have their shared number of advantages and disadvantages. Here is a look into certain bits of information that you should know about both. Hot wax This type of wax is further dividedRead More